A Mini MBA to increase your portfolio returns

An online self-paced course that transforms you into a winning stock investor.

3 pricing options available. Starting at $99.


Lifetime Access
One payment, then unlimited access to Apollo's self-paced videos.

1-to-1 Coaching
Expert insight, designed to provide further clarity for beginners around stock investing concepts. Open to all skill levels.

Invest Better in Days
With 7 hours of video training, start investing for the long-term within days.

Learn to create your own stock portfolio that lasts

In less than a week learn our Focused Quality investment strategy online.

Across 10 video modules, learn how to invest in robust stocks while minimizing tax payments, commissions, and risk.

Unlike passive investing in an index, you'll also develop useful business and leadership skills along the way.

  • "Whether you're just starting out or you already know the stock market, I would definitely recommend this"

    Saleh Bilal, Managing Director DGTL

What Makes us Different?

The Focused Quality Philosophy
Learn what stocks to pick, how many to hold and how long for by viewing 10 modules with easy-to-follow videos.

1-to-1 Zoom Coaching
Ask your coach for advice and get expert insight into investing around your goals.

Money-Back Guarantee
Change your mind? You’re covered under our 100% money-back guarantee.

Valuation Template
Defeat the age-old conundrum: how to value a company.

WhatsApp Business Snapshots
Learn in digestible chunks - for a whole month, recieve a short snappy summary via SMS or WhatsApp of a world class business to put on your watch list.

Apollo Groups
Opt into Apollo Groups to connect and discuss new ideas with 5 other learners at similar levels.

Are You a Good Fit?

Students of Apollo Academy are typically in their twenties and thirties who'd like to level up their investing game. You'd be a good fit if:

  • You're seeking to maximize returns over a ten year period rather than speculation for days and weeks
  • You may have dabbled in Cryptocurrency but want a deep dive into stocks too
  • You have between $1k-$20k of spare savings and want to see it grow

What People Say About Apollo Academy

When we first meet students, they often say stock investing feels like a world of mystery or their current approach isn't great. Over 10 modules, we empower learners with an investment strategy that makes them both a better investor and business manager.

"Kapil summarises a vast amount of theory into bite size chunks that really resonated with me."

Vikram Pappachan, Bloomberg LP

"Personal finance can be overwhelming. Apollo Academy helped me break down my goals and turn them into measurable actions."

Anna Nickerson, Student at
Babson College

"Extremely authentic in what he teaches."

Saleh Bilal, Managing Director

Meet Your Instructor - Kapil

After graduating from the University of Manchester with a degree in Economics, Kapil Shah worked as an Investment Analyst in London for Bourne Park Capital, analyzing and advising on investments.

The educational platform here is the only one that shows an instructor's individual portfolio returns. Updated quarterly, this is done to ensure complete alignment between what's practiced and taught:

CLICK HERE: See Apollo's own returns since inception

Working in London’s finance sector, I learned how investing takes place within an organisation. However, as I looked to grow my own savings, I realized the same rules aren't adequate for personal investing. The main edge individuals have over institutional investors is utilizing time to their advantage yet most people don't make use of this. As a result they continue to generate low returns.

Apollo Academy was built to teach people how to gain long-term returns with minimal risk, capital, fees and time. There's no such thing as silver bullet. However, in less than a week your perspective on stock investing will certainly widen. Whether you want to invest better or just become a more effective business manager, Apollo's Focused Quality philosophy helps improve each area. No other approach out there does both.


Watch a Free Module

Learn the factors that drive stock returns over the long run. Your instructor discusses three key concepts:

  • Return on Equity
  • Management Strength
  • Opportunity for Reinvestment
  • Less Than A Week To Complete 10 Video Lessons

    Module 1

    The Power of Compound Interest. By the end of the first module, you will:

    • Understand what a quality business is
    • Appreciate why return on invested capital is the key to any successful investment strategy
    • Know how to avoid losing money when investing

    Module 2

    Quality-Focused Investing

    • Learn why Quality-Focused investing lowers risk, both for the short-term and long-term
    • Understand how to implement Quality-Focused investing strategies to maximize returns

    Module 3

    Accounting Insights

    • Know what to look for in a balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement
    • Learn how to draw insights from financial documents, with real-life examples

    Module 4

    Good Stock & Great Stock

    • Identify great businesses, based on return on capital
    • Find quality businesses with the Gorilla on a Tricycle framework
    • Understand durable competitive advantage

    Module 5

    Long-Term Investing

    • Understand which industries contain great stocks, with real-life case studies
    • How to use important financial ratios in practice
    • Sharpen skills with a downloadable investment game

    Module 6

    Investing in Management

    • Appreciate the importance of company culture in determining stock value
    • Learn to spot great management teams, plus recommended questions
    • Learn when to sell stocks – and when not to

    Module 7

    Managing Risk

    • Understand how to use the Margin of Safety concept to minimize risk
    • Learn how to value a company with a Discounted Cash Flow model
    • Explore Price to Earnings and Price to Book

    Module 8

    Case Studies

    • Test your ability to tell a good stock from a bad stock
    • Learn what makes McDonalds and Disney high-quality investments
    • Analyzing past companies to assess business of today

    Module 9

    Free, Powerful Tools

    • Discover which tools you need for long-term investing
    • Find where to find free tools for investing
    • How to avoid spending thousands of dollars on expensive subscriptions to investment tools

    Module 10

    Continuous Improvement

    • Get the ultimate checklist for buying stock
    • Gain extra insight on the questions you should ask a company’s management team
    • Learn to mitigate common psychological biases for continued success

    2022 is the perfect time to learn the Apollo Framework

    "To invest in 'Undervalued Quality' is a once in a cycle opportunity right now"

    Tobias Carlisle (March 2021), Professional Investor